Another October has come and gone, and with its passing goes our ritualistic wearing of pink—all things pink! And, so too goes our acutely focused awareness of breast cancer.

But breast cancer is not taking the next 11 months off. It is not waiting a year to raise its ugly head. Instead, more than 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year. Breast cancer will claim more than 40,000 lives each year, making it the most common cancer in women.

At Surgical Associates, we are committed to your breast health, and breast care. Our recommendations to you, for ongoing surveillance and care include the following things:

  • Obtain a baseline mammogram by age 40. Follow with routine mammograms every 1-2 years. (Recommendations may vary in certain higher risk situations.)
  • Monthly self-breast exams. The importance of this cannot be over emphasized! You are the one who is going to notice changes of a lump or mass, skin changes, changes to the nipple or nipple drainage. And you can call attention to these changes early—leading to early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Yearly physical exam with your Primary Care Provider (PCP), to include a thorough breast exam. Establishing a baseline exam to which your PCP can compare each year’s exam, will help identify any changes which might have occurred, and again lead to early diagnosis and treatment.

If you will do those 3 things, you are doing all that you can do to help identify breast cancer early.

It is our most sincere hope that no one would ever have to face the reality of a breast cancer diagnosis. But it happens. And when it does, we are here to help. We recognize and understand the overwhelming fear and anxiety that is created by that moment. We understand too, that there are so many questions that need answers. To help answer those questions, and help alleviate those fears, we have designed a service we call “The Big Pink One”.

Gathering information, arranging consultations/appointments, and scheduling further studies, is a daunting and frustrating journey. “The Big Pink One” has been created to streamline that process. Our goal is to help remove the stressful waiting that often makes this time even more challenging.

With ONE call to our office, we will arrange to meet with you, quickly and conveniently, often within ONE day. During that ONE visit, we will review and discuss your findings with you, discuss options for surgical treatment, provide information and schedule consultations regarding Plastic Surgical Reconstruction, and genetic consultation/testing, if indicated. We will also arrange for further radiologic evaluation and/or procedures—usually that same ONE day. As a “Pink One” patient, we can make that happen!

That same ONE day, we will begin the process of scheduling your surgery, and make arrangements for you to meet with a Cancer Nurse Navigator. And, we will help coordinate your Oncology consultation as well.

Help, support, and guidance through this challenging time begins in our office—with ONE call, to ONE office, in ONE day.

If that need arises, let us help you.

Surgical Associates
“The Big Pink One”

Written by R. Michael Norris, MD

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